Hardy Fink ( Canadá)

- Director of FIG Education & Academy Programs.

- 1976-1983 Private Gymnastics club owner & head coach; placed both men and women on Canada’s National Team. Personal coach to Philippe Delesalle 1978-1980.

- 1983-1988 Lecturer in Sport and Coaching Science at University of British Columbia and head coach of men’s and women’s varsity teams.

- 1988-1998 Men’s National Coach and High Performance Director for Canada; Men’s Program Director 1998-2000.

- 1988-2004 Member of FIG Men’s Technical Committee (President 1996-2000).

- 1984-1996 Men’s Technical Coordinator of Pacific Alliance and 1990-2006  Men’s Technical Coordinator of Commonwealth Games.

- Judged at 35 Major FIG Competitions (Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cup Finals).

- Taught and supervised 31 international judges courses.

- Invited lecturer & clinician for sport science, coaching, judging and planning topics around the world

- Course conductor for all levels of Canada’s Coaching Certification Program.

- Member of FIG Academy Working Groups since the beginning in 1996. Responsible since 2005 for developing the curriculum & resources for six disciplines.

- Developed the FIG Age Group Development & Competition Program for MAG & WAG; RG & TRA in process.

- Technical consultant for FIG for many special projects

- Published over 230 gymnastics technical articles, papers, and books and 54 FIG AGP & AcademyTechnical Manuals.


Martin Reddin (Grã Bretanha)

- Martin Reddin is an Executive Director and Board member of British Gymnastics with direct responsibility for High Performance (all disciplines), Events and Participation. 

- He has been a member of the UEG Executive Committee since 2013 and has just been elected to the FIG Executive Committee at the Tokyo Congress. - - - Martin has worked for British Gymnastics since 1993 in a number of roles. He was first Head of Development then Men’s National Coach followed by Head of Education and finally Executive Director for Sport. His presentation will focus on the journey British Gymnastics has been on over the past 20 years, the mistakes made along the way, the different strategies they tried and the main reasons for the improvements in results of the Olympic disciplines in the past ten years. He will also discuss the relationship with UK Sport as BGs main funder and touch upon the plan that has been submitted for the Tokyo Cycle


Guy Varlet

Presidente do Clube Clamart Gym. 92. De 1992 a 2016

Presidente da Régião da Ile de France Fed. Francesa de Ginástica. De 1996 a 2004

Presidente Departamental 92 FFGYM. De 2004 a 2016

Membro do Comité Directivo da Federation Francesa de Ginástica. De 2000 a 2004

Membro da Comissão Nacional de Etica e Regulamentação. De 2012 a 2016

Presidente do Comité Departamental Olímpica e Desportica do 92. Depois de 2012.


Sérgio Garcia Alcazar, Espanha

- Presidente do Comité Técnica de Ginástica Aeróbica da FIG, eleito no Congresso de 2016 - Tóquio;

- Membro do Comité Técnico de Ginástica Aeróbica da FIG no Ciclo 2005/2008 (2ºVice Presidente), Ciclo 2009/2012 e Ciclo 2013/2016 (2º Vice Presidente);

- Licenciado em Direito e Mestre em Legislação Desportiva pela Universidade de Zaragoça;

- Juíz Internacional de Ginástica Aeróbica desde 1996, Categoria I;

- Diretor Técnico Nacional de Ginastica Aeróbica da real Federação espanhola de Ginástica desde 1996;

- Treinador Nacional de Espanha;

- Brevet FIG de Ginástica Aeróbica desde 2007;

- Expert FIG para as Academias FIG de Ginástica Aeróbica;

- Expert FIG para Cursos de Juízes Internacionais e Intercontinentais de Ginástica Aeróbica;

- Organizador, Direção Técnica e Autor de diversos Campeonatos Internacionais e Manuais técnicos de Ginástica Aeróbica desde 2001. Prelector em cursos de Treinadores de Ginástica Aeróbica da RFGE desde 1995;

- Campeão  Nacional de Espanha de Ginástica Aeróbica, Individual Masculino - 1995.



Ivan Čuk (Ph.D. of Kinesiology)

Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, Eslovénia

- He served as PE teacher, coach, international judge, FIG consultant, researcher, television commentator, manager, publisher and university professor.

- He signed 59 scientific articles and 22 books.

- Most known books are with Istvan Karacsony as Pommel Horse Exercises, Rings, Vault and Floor Exercises.

- He established Science of Gymnastics Journal ( to join science and practice of all gymnastics disciplines.

- Today he works at Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, as Chief of Gymnastics Department and Department of Kinesiology.

- Last big achievement was his exhibition at Slovenian National Galery with celebration of 150 years of Gymnastics in Slovenia.


Tomasz Niźnikowski, PhD

The University of Physical Education Józef Piłsudski in Warsaw

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Biala Podlaska, Poland


- 1993-96 - B.S., Physical Education, University of Physical Education Józef Piłsudski in Warsaw, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Biala Podlaska

- 1996-98 - M.S., Physical Education, University of Physical Education Józef Piłsudski in Warsaw, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Biala Podlaska

- 1996-98 - Ph.D., Physical Education, University of Physical Education Józef Piłsudski in Warsaw, Poland


- 1998-2005 Graduate Assistant, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Biala Podlaska

- 2005-present Assistant Professor, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Biala Podlaska

- 2005-present Head Teacher of Gymnastics, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Biala Podlaska

- 2005-present

- Director of the Institiute of Physical Education The State Higher School of Computer Science & Business Administration in Łomża

Instructor’s licence

- windsurfing, downhill skiing, swimming, athletics


- artistic gymnastics

Theoretical classes conducted:

- research metodology in physical education, motor learning and control

Practical classes conducted:

- gymnastics, windsurfing, sailing, downhill skiing

Research interests

- technique and motor learning of complex movement tasks


César Peixoto 

Faculdade de Motricidade Humana

Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal

- Coordenador Programa Sócrates/Erasmus.

- Licenciado em Educação Física no Instituto Superior de Educação Física da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa.

- Doutorado em Ciências do Desporto na especialidade de Treino e Organização Desportiva, pela Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, onde desempenha as funções de Professor Associado (nomeação definitiva). 

- No curso de Ciências do Desporto é Regente das disciplinas: Sistemática das Atividades Desportivas (2º ano); Metodologia do Treino I e II (Atividades Gímnicas); Treino da Técnica e daTáctica Desportiva; Ensino e Treino no Desporto Escolar.  

- Coordenador do Mestrado “Treino de Alto Rendimento – Atividades Gímnicas de Competição”.

- Laboratório de Pericia no Desporto
- Presidente da Comissão Científica do 6º Congresso da FGP 2016, Membro da Comissão Científica da FGP.
- Responsável pela leccionação de Unidades Curriculares no âmbito das actividades Gímnicas e do Treino Desportivo (FMH)